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Sadness inside Chero

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Sadness inside Chero

Post by Cheromenida on Mon May 11, 2009 1:02 pm

Take my hand my love.
Let's run away, far from this world that corrupts our love.
I'll keep you in and make you happy.
I'll challenge anyone to have your heart safe.
I'd wait a thousand years looking at this world.
Slowly destroying me, than losing you.
But I guess I was too weak.

I see you walked off.
Waiting for you to come back.
Each night standing in the darkness.
Cold winds drifts me away from sadness.
My memories of you clouds my failure decisions.
But nothing is left for me.

I see how happy you are.
Maybe you've found your happiness.
But I'm left alone, in front of a scene.
Where I regretted my life.
Seeing your back and not your face.
Waiting till I fall.
The world takes me as a pheasant.

Dirt, trash and litter.
That's how I see my life.
"Adore your life, Live life and be happy.
Nothing matters if your with the one you love.
Stand up straight and protect her with all your might.
But don't turn against her."
I was brought up with those words in me.
But such useless words, never worked for me.

Let the days pass by.
Just be a common guy and let the time by.
Have what you wanted in front of you.
Don't let anyone destroy that dream.
Even if it hurts.
And even if its past.
Cherish the moments, till it lasts.

I miss the past.
The old days, where my life was back to normal.
A regular guy, just doing what he is told and following what is right.
A guy that wanted happiness and was willing to wait for it,
But I now, all the feelings i threw away, came back.
Nothing is right for me.
Everything just wants to destroy me.

I guess the only reason I still live is to see myself fall on my knees.
With everyone far away from me.
In the middle of a never ending plain.
Waiting for her to come and embrace me once more.
I wait for the things that no one wants me to have.
Such things, that never existed to me.

Confusion and sadness overwhelms me.
Jealousy takes control of me.
Seeing everyone with the ones they love.
Makes me angry.
But seeing the people that are in my state.
I don't want them close to how I feel.
Because I don't want anyone to be destroyed.
Like how I will be soon.

I never thought my life would be like this.
I never asked for such a crazy future.
I never wished anyone that I love so much,
To leave me.
But with one click.
I'm all alone again.
Staring at the sky.

I dream of her each day.
I don't care what anyone think of me.
All those people that think they're all that.
I will see them fall on their knees, the way they made me fall.
I will see how painful it is for them,
Losing things that they took from me,
And for making my life, more unwanted.

Despair, broken and hatred.
Everything I see now are what the things I did not want to see.
Because having a girl, like her.
Is harder, than living life.
Having a girl like her.
And just leaves you.
Puts me in a stage of my life.
That I cannot handle myself.
I wanted her to be next to me when this happens.
Guess she'll never come.

This is the sadness that comes inside me.
People see me fine in the outside.
But in the inside, I can't live anymore.
Just throw fake smiles and fake laughs.
Then everything will be fine, for them.
But for me, it makes me grieve.
The sadness inside of me, will not leave me.

Thats how fucked up my life is.
When she left me.
High Class Valentine
High Class Valentine

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