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eLl Ohh Vee Eeh

Post by Chero 1437 on Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:56 am

Loving you aint that easy.
Over other people.
Very hard to keep your heart in
Every way.

Letting go of me is just stupid.
Others say it is stupid aswell.
Vulnerable to you leaving.
Each day you leave me hanging.

Leaving without saying anything.
Only you can explain to me.
Vacant to you everyday.
Even if I'm not available.

Look at the these you've done.
Otherwise talk to me about things.
Viruses interrupt computers.
Enemies interrupt us.

Listen to what I say.
Overall the things I tell you is
Very important.
Engage things inside.

Longing to see you each day.
Otherwise hear your voice.
Vocal is very best to
Express how you feel.

Losing my hope
Of living, the only
Vaccine is you.
Every time I need you, your not there anymore.
Chero 1437
High Class Lover
High Class Lover

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